Mission Statement

The primary mission of the Vet 21 Salute Honor Guard is to provide a three volley rifle salute for all our Brothers and Sister throughout Lancaster County who have honorably served our great Country. The three volleys represent Duty, Honor & Country. To this end three spent cartiriges will be presented to the veteran's family. This is in addition to the folded flag . Most veterans and their families are aware they are entitled to having  a flag draped over the veterans coffin with an honor guard presenting the flag to them after proper folding. But,they are not aware that they are also entitled to having the rifle volleys fired in the veterans honor. Regardless, if they served during war or peace time. Our goal as members of the Vet 21 Salute Honor Guard is to provide this rifle volley honor to all veterans Honorably discharged from the United States Military. It makes no difference for which branch served. Army, Navy, Marine Corps, Air Force Coast Guard or Merchant Marine. These veterans are entitled to a full military honors internment service.

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Vet 21 Honor Guard

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Phone: 717 475-0590

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