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Duty - Honor -Country

Those three words have great significance to anyone who has served this great nation in its armed forces.

“Many Americans have devoted their lives to following the ideals of "duty, honor and country," and too many have made the ultimate sacrifice so that the United States may enjoy freedom and prosperity.”

General of The Army Douglas MacArthur

The veteran's Next of Kin will receive the folded colors from the Honor Guard that folds the flag, then , three cartridges in a black cloth bag will then be given the next of kin by the Rifle Honor Guard Squad leader. Placed in their hands these cartridges represent the soldiers ideals of DUTY - HONOR - COUNTRY. The squad leader will then takes a step back and gives a salute.


The three stacked Rifle again represent the Ideals of DUTY - HONOR – COUNTRY they are stacked signifying that their use is no longer required. Having done their duty they may now rest. Just as our fellow veteran has entered into rest after fulfilling their DUTY to their COUNTRY which was their HONOR to serve.

Enter in to your rest my brothers and sisters, you have earned that privilege. You now stand relieved of your post and your vigilance has been duly noted. Now others have volunteered stand guard in your place. They know that it is their good fortune to have had you stand watch before they arrived so that they could be nurtured and grow in a country that is free because of the brave servicemen that have come before them. They shall continue that vigilant watch that was begun so many generations ago and they will live up to that high standard that you have maintained.



If you are a veteran, having served in peace time or wartime wereHONORABLY DISCHARGED and have the desire to honor with a rifle volley salute to your brother and sisters . Check out our "How to Join Us" page.

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